1950 Fender Broadcaster – THE GEORGE GRUHN ® GUITAR SHOW


TMN is extremely proud to bring you one of the world's foremost experts in guitars & other stringed instruments, Mr. George Gruhn! In this first show, George describes the holy grail of vintage guitars - a 1950 Fender Broadcaster!


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January 28, 2013

KONAROCK1 @ 4:11 pm #

I know, right!?!? ..blows my mind!! When people come in my shop with rings on, I tell ’em they have to remove them first. ..even if they’re just picking up a Squier.

trbossdoggy @ 4:51 pm #

i dont know but he pushes his weight on it,it is a guitar not a table

David Fisher @ 5:29 pm #

How would that harm anything?

David Fisher @ 6:11 pm #

Meh, I’ve played plenty of 50’s and earlier guitars. I view them as toys, not relics to be placed on a shelf. I don’t baby my ’59 Jazzmaster at all.

themanfromwem @ 6:20 pm #


777jordan @ 7:15 pm #

the camera angle makes the guitar look HUUUUUUUUUUGE!

frankie28web @ 7:28 pm #

george gruhn is a living guitar encyclopedia!

Dan Harris @ 7:56 pm #

Lol at the people freaking out about him damaging it. You’re lucky it’s not mine, I’d rock the shit out of that guitar. 😉

dumbletone @ 8:34 pm #

What a great demo and a great sound !

Caevan O'Shite @ 9:16 pm #

Cool, but… I was hopin’ to hear the guitar plugged-in and played!

DakotaPlaysGuitar @ 9:51 pm #

George Gruhn has forgotten more info on guitars than any of us gear heads think we know combined lol

JGPorcello @ 10:34 pm #

Albert Collins was the only player I ever heard of that left the ash tray on his guitar.

trbossdoggy @ 10:55 pm #

he also uses the neck as an arm supporter … 6:50

1goodguitar @ 11:05 pm #

Overpriced is in the wallet of the beholder,I believe that dude will only go up in worth, I think it would be a good investment, what might this guitar be worth to say brad paisleys grandson when hes 40, just sayin.

Josh Lues @ 11:20 pm #

My Biggest Regret. there was a 1950 Broadcaster Refin ALL ORIGINAL for just $9,000 i had all my guitars ready for trade but then i held off for a week and when i decided. It sold, :(

SIRONEDRAGON @ 11:50 pm #

Very cool : )

January 29, 2013

1954telecaster @ 12:05 am #

it’s in amazing condition…i can’t even imagine how much that guitar is worth

1954telecaster @ 12:16 am #

the nocaster! 

tickmann @ 1:08 am #

All I could hear was his ring banging new dents into the neck…

Stratboy999 @ 1:39 am #

You can’t go far wrong with a Telecaster. Good design, great sound.

thrashkleinmice @ 1:49 am #

Isn’t the ashtray supposed to be some kind of wrist-rest?

axeman1 @ 2:19 am #

easy with the MR T rings bangin off the neck haha

skillzdatkillz900 @ 3:19 am #

aha nice, and likewise with me wanting to own a fender select telecaster one day. they’re the perfect combination of both brands!

ClassicRockOwns2012 @ 3:21 am #

I hear what you’re saying man. Much respect. I also love Gibson guitars. I have always been into Fenders, but one day I will get a Les Paul for sure.