1955 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top 00601


www.frettedamericana.com This incredible totally original one-owner guitar weighs just 8.50 lbs. Solid mahogany body with a carved maple top. One-piece mahogany neck with a wonderful thick profile, Brazilian rosewood fretboard with 22 original frets and pearl crown position markers. Two incredibly hot P-90 pickups with outputs of 8.28k and 7.85k. Combination "wrap-over" bar bridge/stud tailpiece. This totally original '55 Les Paul Standard Gold Top -- with a neck and a sound to die for -- is the one of the best that we have ever seen. At just eight and a half pounds, it is a real lightweight. This one owner guitar is housed in its original Gibson four-latch brown hardshell case with pink plush lining (9.00).

Gibson Midtown Standard P90 Demo

For More Info on the Gibson Midtown P90's Please see the links below... Gibson Midtown Standard P90 in Fireburst www.andertons.co.uk Gibson Midtown Standard P90 in Vintage Sunburst www.andertons.co.uk Gibson Midtown Standard P90 in Pelham Blue www.andertons.co.uk Gibson Midtown Standard P90 in Heritage Cherry Sunburst www.andertons.co.uk Gibson Midtown Standard P90 in Wine red www.andertons.co.uk T-Shirts by GameGears Assassins Creed Flag -- bit.ly Rob Chapman Downloadable Guitar Lessons Store: www.robchapman.tv Rob Chapman Facebook www.facebook.com Rob Chapman's band Dorje: www.youtube.com For all enquiries regarding Rob Chapman email: officialrobchappers@gmail.com All audio was recorded & produced by Paul 'Stick' Annis/Maplewood Studio www.youtube.com www.facebook.com www.soundcloud.com www.twitter.com www.maplewoodstudio.com Video edited by Dan Davies


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March 4, 2013

Skueeye @ 1:01 am #

2:03-2:06 O_O

94Hurstie @ 1:40 am #

Phil X should record an album where he just does covers of classic rock songs. That Rocky mountain way cover was absolutely awesome. He could do it with Fretted Americana guitars as well to make it a promotion of FA’s guitars. I would very much like to see that!!!

PANICBLADE @ 1:49 am #

they sort of can, guitars can go through rapid aging and drying processes, sometimes the wood is baked to crystalize the sap and remove moisture to make the guitar lighter and more acoustically resonant, as well as magnetic aging and scatterwinding in pickups. it can all be replicated but it is (imagine arms spread 48,000 yards wide) THIS expensive.

ballypoo @ 2:12 am #

Brilliant…such a cool guy :)

andybirger @ 2:50 am #

So you mean, that after 50 years, a 2012 Les Paul will be as good as 50’s Paul now days?

dgmisal1979 @ 3:23 am #

Dude… just watching him play is so much fun. Nothing like watching a guy just play the crap outtuva guitar and laugh like hyena.  Serious chops don’t hurt either. Thanks for the vid!

AraoftheFunk @ 4:15 am #

No one on earth enjoys life for than this guy, I’m convinced.

axlroseGNR88 @ 4:44 am #

I use “LEVI’S” jeans, they rule and i won’t wear any other brand. i also own a LEVY’S strap.

matthewjf96 @ 5:43 am #

Shoot to thrill sounds unreal.

brickadventures @ 5:45 am #

Nice Job Man! :) You sounded more gay then me, and that’s really hard to accomplish, almost as hard as my vagina!

wakerdukefan @ 5:47 am #

thumbs up if you use levi straps too

gorblimey61 @ 5:58 am #

2:03 – 2:05 priceless! That was smokin’.

D0nRidah @ 6:31 am #

i would give you my girlfriend anytime for that guitar

jouruji @ 7:04 am #

Always with the circle jerking!!! I love it!

neekeebm @ 7:15 am #

Awesome video mates

Morgan Freeman @ 7:59 am #

trapezium? anyway, SOUND SO FUCKING GOOD

0Heavy0Metal0 @ 8:35 am #

I like the tra-PEE-zoid better! Everyone says trap-A-zoid. Be a little different YouTube! The Captain is correct! As always! As long as he doesn’t use the “out-of-phase” incorrectly to describe the Fender Strat pickup configuration. That’s going too far.

David Vaughan @ 8:41 am #


magicman3801 @ 8:45 am #

Hey, what’s the name of the really good guitarist at 5:25 and in Ace frehley please ? :)

magicman3801 @ 8:52 am #

PABLO !!! x’)

chapmanpeter11 @ 9:02 am #

That is Sam Coulsons customed Charvel So-Cal. Its beautiful isnt it!

tonewall jaxon @ 9:23 am #

this test should be 2 min long……

TheBJCCProductions @ 10:17 am #

Rob I luvvvvv ur shirt

orlando miranda @ 10:36 am #

I laughed hard when the Capt. said to Chappers “that’s not Gibson!” hahahahah!

reubenlane @ 11:34 am #

caps playing may not be fast but every note just fits. its great because he is not just another robot playing scales at a seingle tempo between notes. anyway…….

KillerRat666 @ 11:49 am #

What is that Charvel on the wall?

Tohokuben @ 12:27 pm #

With Sam Coulson sitting in!

Adam Featherstone @ 1:07 pm #

TraPEEzoid (y) :]

Wipe1254 @ 1:23 pm #


nochix96isnuts @ 1:31 pm #

台形! Cheers from the land of the rising sun!