Beatles Style Hofner Bass Review – Guitar demos


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Comments on Beatles Style Hofner Bass Review – Guitar demos

March 1, 2013

Rocky Raccoon @ 6:02 pm #

Slap a Hofner, I’ll slap you.

Andrew Aguilera @ 6:26 pm #

I don’t know why but I hate this guy

hofner96 @ 7:12 pm #

There’s just something about this guy that’s a bit annoying and obnoxious….

Joe Todd @ 8:06 pm #

I’m not positive but i think the semi hollow body would make it very muddy, or it might be string spacing, those are guesses, ill have to try it!

Hamthy727 @ 8:27 pm #

why is it not great for slapping?

Lori A @ 9:06 pm #

Hey Marty, I think you should consider expanding your horizons and start doing some bass guitar stuff. As you would say, “a little palate cleanser if you will”.

Tyler Durbin @ 9:23 pm #

ive tried it it sounds like an inbred penguin on a motorbike

rockandroll627 @ 9:28 pm #

i thought about buying one, but it seems extramural limited to certain styles of music

dummass1231 @ 9:44 pm #

He sometimes doesn’t but most of the times he does uses a pick

Bluebird9021 @ 9:52 pm #

dipshit McCartney used a pick, go watch videos of The Beatles

Tommy Zai @ 10:26 pm #

Paul Mc used a pick most of the time. That’s good enough for me!

GIGeorge23 @ 11:26 pm #

you probably want a brighter sounding bass for slap

March 2, 2013

Tyler Durbin @ 12:18 am #

yeah you people cant control him anyway.he can play the freaking bass with a pick if he wants to. its a free country.paul mccartney played with apick and with his fingers .get over it

Bryan Flight @ 12:21 am #

Cool bass I want that :)

konked @ 12:39 am #

Paul McCartney used picks LOL

hansfrank13 @ 12:42 am #

Enough with the complaints about the pick, i am a bassist, and play a 1930s full carved german upright bass, a custom P bass and a custom starfire bass (and etc.) that i built both my self. The pick is just another tool to get the sound thats in your head. I actually use different picks for diferent sounds. I beleive im a “Real” bassist and i use a pick, on certain things. I support playing with a pick, theres nothing wrong with it.

DarkAngelEU @ 1:05 am #

omg, and I thought 1:09 was hilarious xD

PopsiclesFreezer @ 1:30 am #

Why u complaining? Can’t a bass player play with a pick? geez…