Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster


www.nstuffmusic.com The American Vintage series introduces an all-new lineup of original-era model year guitars that bring Fender history and heritage to authentic and exciting new life. With key features and pivotal design elements spanning the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, new American Vintage series instruments delve deep into Fender's roots--expertly preserving an innova-tive US guitar-making legacy and vividly demon-strating like never before that Fender not only knows where it's going, but also remembers where it came from.The American Vintage Series has long presented some of Fender's best selling guitars (their early-'80s introduction, in fact, was one of the first signs that Fender was "back" as the CBS era ended). Today, Fender has boldly cleared the slate to make way for a fresh American Vintage series with new features, new specs and the most meticulous level of vintage accuracy yet. Rather than just replacing the previous models with different ones, we've completely and comprehensively re-imagined the entire vintage-reis-sue concept--restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pickups, reformulating vintage colors and more--based on actual vintage guitars we tracked down to make sure we had it right. We did the work, and it shows, because there's pure tonal magic in each new American Vintage instrument. With its big maple neck, the 1952 Telecaster was a landmark guitar in Fender history, and nowhere is today's re-dedication to detail more evident than on the ...
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These songs are from the new 3 string guitar album...it's all 3 string guitar recordings of Rural Plantation & Dust Bowl Blues...plus I have re-written "Whats a 3 string guitar" in a new Fuller longer more haunting version...dripping with sorrow it will take your breath away... if you enjoy cigar box three string guitars you will absolutely love this CD!...if you are trying to learn primitive Delta Blues this is a must have CD to study and apply to your playing, only 3 string cigar box guitars were used to make this album all in vintage tone and 1920's and 30's Bottleneck Blues flavor. head on over to 3-sting-guitar.com or ebay and get a copy, I'll send you one anytime! visit me at 3-string-guitar.com or Just Google Red Dog Guitars!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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Comments on Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster

March 13, 2013

superreverbfreak @ 5:26 am #

21 frets :(

Sergio Osorio @ 6:15 am #

I tell’ya mister you have a real/genuine “slow hand”
you need only find a star act to back-up and you’d be a Star. no joke.

khabriel @ 7:08 am #

the best part of these demos are your playing sir.. thx so much.

rayjonesmusic @ 8:00 am #

That’s a beautiful guitar but you sir are a delay addict.

Moot Davis @ 8:04 am #

Great demo Mark! What amp are you using?

Sergio Osorio @ 8:04 am #

GUYS! I have it from a GREAT Source that if you love the ’52 Broadcaster/Telecaster you Must, MUST! Purchase from the first Run!!! That’s the Summer of 2012!!!!!

They are the Highest Quality of Underwater-cured Swamp, True Swampy Ash, you can tell when you pick one up!

The Resonate Like a Bell. They just Cannot Maintain such a high Quality.

I wish I could afford one!

BJrok @ 8:59 am #

After listening to hundreds of modern & vintage type guitar reviews I finally found the ONE. There was always that inkling towards teles but didn’t quite understand why cause I’m hardly a fan of those bright glassy tones(although I love the players who can use it properly^^). But now I know. The minute you hit the first note of that neck pickup I knew I found the holy grail. The search is oooovver~~~ Thank U!!

Rick Danner @ 9:01 am #

the lick at 6:40 is hot

Benjamin Jayko @ 9:08 am #

Great. But does that input take right angle cables???

wallis222 @ 9:47 am #

Lovely tones. Lovely playing. Thanks for the really nice demo, very helpful!

Personally, I really like the overdrive tone. Not an “always on” type pedal, but definitely something I’d like to have in my arsenal. Fitting for the era too.

Love the Steely Dan quote at 1:10 by the way. Thanks again!

Pedro Rebelo @ 10:24 am #

Nice playing, nice guitar…

NstuffMusic @ 10:24 am #

We are thinking this new vintage series stuff they are coming out with might be a replacement for the vintage products they have been selling….but it is just speculation.


How many versions of the 52 telecaster were they? I had one in the mid 90’s. The one I had had a really dark butterscotch blonde finish. The neck pick up was a really dark, tone rolled back. Out of phase middle, was not as dark. and then the bridge pickup. It had the tweed case. C.O.A., Vintage cable, Polish cloth, And some kind of conversion kit.

tlpbridges @ 11:37 am #

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

TwangKing24 @ 11:52 am #

Totally understand that.

NstuffMusic @ 11:59 am #

Well we like to try a little of everything in our demos….

TwangKing24 @ 12:15 pm #

Amazing sounding guitar…that neck pickup is PURE GOLD ! Haven’t heard one that comes this close to perfection. Great demo as usual Mark. One comment, that Luna Drive pedal sounds horrible. The Keeley TS9 or Suhr Shiba would have been a much better choice, imho.

yekshemesh4alig @ 12:18 pm #

All Fender seems to do, apart from the Pawn shop series, is reissue reissue reissue. I’m certainly not one to critize Fender products because they’re legendary for a good reason, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more innovative.

express49 @ 12:55 pm #

What an amazing tone !

Iago B @ 1:09 pm #

yep I know, but still I consider the Baja the closest thing to it coming from Mexico right now, even if it’s only as far as looks go! :)

Ross Hutchison @ 1:48 pm #

I love my strat but I also would love a tele. Such a colorful sound

vladaface1 @ 2:44 pm #

i mean , just amazing guitar power playing

1976cyclist @ 3:42 pm #

Flash coat is nitro. It’s just a very thin coat. Hence the term “flash coat”.

Smoggin420 @ 4:06 pm #

would like to see a review of the ’65 Strat

SuperEffCee @ 4:12 pm #

Hearing you play is a true joy, Mark! Fantastic demo! 😀

NgaiOlaudah @ 4:15 pm #

This here’s gorgeous music… I wish I could buy one of these… Anybody says different ’bout dis heah music JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY’S TALKIN’ ‘BOUT! Amen? And THANK YOU, SIR…

gonde21 @ 4:36 pm #

Whats the Tuning??
Greets from Germany

Freddie Hook @ 4:59 pm #

This is awesome! I’m making a 4 string Hub cap guitar at the moment and plan on making a CBG soon after! what tuning are you in for this????!

screaminogre @ 5:00 pm #

you can feel it touch that part of you, deep down inside, a link to the great grandfather you never knew. ( you know, the one that was running shine through the hills of the catskills or the appalachia’s )

luthomdod @ 5:15 pm #

What tuning did you use? REALLY GOOD STUFF!

Federico Ullo @ 6:10 pm #

what is the tune!?

johnmcnair @ 6:59 pm #

its at 3 string guitar d ot com…or google Red Dog Guitars…thanks for asking!

Jéferson Dal Molin @ 7:45 pm #

Nice songs man!!! There are the kind of songs I’ve been looking for…..

Where can I get the CD? Is it available to dowload?

Cheers from Brazil!

johnmcnair @ 7:57 pm #

its just a cheap cigar box guitar, its has a piezo in it from the” jjb electronics” website

howitzerhowitzer @ 8:15 pm #

What model is that? And does it have a piezo or magnetic pickup or is it strictly acoustic?
Very cool and eerie sound!

johnmcnair @ 8:47 pm #

Hi and thanks!..no I dont have tabs, I just play by ear and make it up as i go along

RepertMousik @ 9:44 pm #

Hey, John, this is amazing! thanks

juan meier @ 10:01 pm #

Nice Vid!! Do you like blues? Please check “Steve Vai Blues” in my channel. You will love it! Thanks!
Juan Meier
Line6, Aria, Stromberg and KLD Artist.

laser74hobby @ 10:29 pm #

That just speaks to one’s very soul!!!!!!!

musickid802 @ 11:18 pm #

Whats the tuning?