Gaby Moreno at Norman’s Rare Guitars


Gaby Moreno and Arthur Braitsch playing Gaby's new song "Mess a Good Thing" She is an amazing singer and great guitar player, as well as Arthur. Thanks guys for stopping by Norman's Rare Guitars!
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Guitar Tone Capacitors, part 1: Evaluating Material Types In part one of this video on tone capacitors, I demonstrate the sound characteristics of 7 different capacitors with dialectrics of different material types. The caps I try here are: Orange Drop 225P 100V (polypropylene), Mallory 150 series (metallized polyester film), Russian K-409 PIO (paper in oil), mystery vintage yellow cylinder (identified as WMF 1S22 Polyester Film 100v from CDE Cornell Dubilier), the original Epi tone cap from my Riviera (probably mylar polyester film), mystery vintage gray cylinder (identified as Mullard/Phillips Mustard polyester foil/film 630v), and a vintage tropical fish (polyester film). Everything is played on my Epiphone Riviera P93 with Vintage Vibe Guitars P-90 pickups, through my Vox VT30 on the Boutique Clean model, mic'd with a Rode NT1 large diaphragm microphone. You can find the raw recordings from this video for double-blind testing at: In the part two, I'll demonstrate how the capacitance value affects the range and usefulness of the tone knob: Like this video? Please consider making a donation (of any amount) at
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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Comments on Gaby Moreno at Norman’s Rare Guitars

March 8, 2013

sihernan1982 @ 3:11 pm #

Guatemalan pride!! Gaby Moreno Rocks!!

fidoparedes888 @ 3:54 pm #

wow Gaby nice nice viva Guatemala

xeculensegigante @ 4:03 pm #

Guatemala style
No better seats
And no big public
Pure and no sound fixed
I love your talent Gaby
Arriba nosotros los Chapines
Big hug from NJ
Maltiox chawe ali (quiche language ) means Thank you Gaby
for the great show Saludos !!

Omar Milson @ 4:43 pm #

She needs not a micro or orquestra to sound like that, woooooooooooow.

Byronenrique100 @ 4:53 pm #

Just necesary two guitars.. no bass and drums !!! goed yeahh..

paolamartin88 @ 5:46 pm #

I know she’s not Mexican… Some people are hating on us Mexicans

Zamorazone @ 6:31 pm #

She’s not mexican whey! What do you mean us?

zoonica @ 6:34 pm #

Awesome song and performance, she is amazing even better is person

TGO5V @ 6:49 pm #

MORENO, not Moreeeno cabron

paolamartin88 @ 7:10 pm #

hey im mexican i just fell in love with this girl!!! dont be hating on us

maximilianog861 @ 7:53 pm #


Oscar Calel @ 8:24 pm #

Mess a good thing

Jose pablo perez estrada @ 9:23 pm #

Como se llama la cancion?

cocolomambero @ 10:05 pm #

jaja no es Gaby Romero, es Gaby Moreno!! Valga la aclaracion

yasbor @ 10:33 pm #

Yo soy mexicano y me encanta Gaby Romero, tiene demasiado Soul. 

Macario Vicente @ 10:44 pm #


Gdy2712 @ 10:55 pm #

@FANTASMANOCTURNO  wajajaja es cierto deplano fueron mexicanos

ElPayasete @ 11:40 pm #

Thank you!

ktuluworld @ 11:40 pm #

Thanks for this video, I play stoner rock and my favourite is orange drop!

March 9, 2013

jonwc3 @ 12:02 am #

This was so awesome… thank you

johnplanetz @ 12:05 am #

A varitone switch is a rotary switch with different filtering circuits at at each switch position. The simplest would be to replace the standard tone capacitor with a rotary switch containing a bunch of different tone caps. (Different capacitance values or different material types, etc). Then you can switch between them. Or you could add some inductors/resistors/etc for more complex filtering- band-pass, notch, high-pass, etc.

littlejon64 @ 12:41 am #

do you or word you put a Varitone switch in that guitar and what are the benefits of a Varitone switch and how does it work?

chuffa mocco @ 1:15 am #

Did a “blind” test the first time. I was reading the comments while listening. Can’t help but notice the distinct sound that the second to the last produced. On second viewing, I found out it was the vintage Mullard. It was a FAST capacitor, It responded to the attack better than the PIO in the first two settings. To me, that spelled the difference. Watch it again and tell me I’m wrong.

john walkerdine @ 1:32 am #

hi john. i think its like a lot of things a matter of taste. i have done a passive treble and bass control on my strat.came out well, with the treble bleed on the vol pot.the caps i used were old mustard one they had most responce. but thanks its good to see others take pride in sound. and love these types of videos. thankyou

johnplanetz @ 2:16 am #

Yep, cable capacitance is an important consideration.
I make my own low-capacitance cables – 22pf/foot.

SweetSpotGuitar @ 3:12 am #

Awesome!! Thanks.

johnplanetz @ 3:18 am #

I measured the cap values in the part 3 followup video:

SweetSpotGuitar @ 3:43 am #

Too lazy to read through all comments, but was wondering: did you test the actual cap values? If they’re +/-5% (or worse), some of the differences could be due to values. ESR ratings would also be of interest. Great vid showing some great work. Thanks for this!

Master0Chi @ 4:26 am #

That would be cool. Test your white noise first, I found some version were not actually flat. Also white noise only gives you an RMS, when a frequency is traveling slightly ahead or behind another it will look identical and yet sound very different.

Master0Chi @ 4:49 am #

John it is apparent that you are mad scientist. I have something that you would love, and it will audio-able help your demonstrations. The Audio Envy NV-10s cable offers the true-est transfer of guitar tone that I have ever heard. I think you will appreciate removing that giant capacitor of a guitar cable so you can hear your capacitor tests. Hear it on you tube: Boutique Amp Vs Peavey.

johnplanetz @ 4:55 am #

Are you asking if you need tone caps? You can always leave out or bypass the tone caps for a brighter sound, no problem. You may find your sound is too bright, and if so, you can use lower-resistance volume pots to darken the sound a bit, or add the tone circuit back in.

Ben Tyreman @ 5:28 am #

I like the russian PIO the most, listening to this on very high quality headphones blind, the russians always sounded better to me.

hendrixgod1ify @ 5:42 am #

I have custom shop texas specials. Do I need caps or no. Any problems that can happen without them

marcoamf1977 @ 5:51 am #

Thanks a lot! There’s virtually no difference for me, except for slight changes. But when one seems brighter goovin’, may be darker when playing chords. Made up my mind about not investing high money on a too different cap.