Gibson Les Paul Studio Limited Edition Chrom Hardware Worn Brownby musicstoretv 23920 views · 911. Watch Later Gibson Les Paul Studio CH WBby musikschmidt 98707 views · 936. Watch Later Studio Vs Standardby José Campos 185160 views · 1028. Watch Later Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany vs Schecter Hellraiserby stillhasnofear 42519 views · 627. Watch Later Gibson Les Paul Studiofaded cherry testby weakfingers 203552 views · 118. Watch Later How to spot a fake gibson guitarby ...
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March 10, 2013

SadStudios @ 10:24 pm #

0:03 Excuse me??!?!?!?!?!?!?! :)

666M4L666 @ 11:07 pm #

what is the name of the song that starts @0:05 ?

Fran Mihelin @ 11:08 pm #

why don’t you just speak on english…i know u know english young man! -.-

erperejildo @ 11:34 pm #

i will buy

March 11, 2013

MrArthurACarvalho @ 12:32 am #

a bought a brand new ,one…..should i be ashamed,,because these days,,its seems like only the old guitars are good…have the americans lost the touch…????i don’t think so ….

1pixle @ 1:19 am #


LaroldC @ 1:26 am #

I have one in Worn Brown. It’s without a doubt the most versatile and powerful axe I have ever owned. When I pick it up I can’t put it down again.

I love it so much that I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus with an amber sunburst flame top and dropped Burstbucker Pro pups in it as a prettier and sonically close backup to the Gibson LPSVM.

BTW — Nice shredding, amigo! >;^D

maniactre @ 2:20 am #

yeah man i have the same guitar and i always play in concerts and staff and it sounds fucking awesome

MultiScoffer @ 2:20 am #

I can listen to 2:49 forever!

Greg Lockard @ 2:53 am #

I did!

MultiScoffer @ 3:02 am #

pleasing tell me what amp head you are using and the settings, and the delay pedal setting. thanks!

MultiScoffer @ 3:23 am #

Check out the scream and nasty growl at 2:49. Sick! I love the way this guy plays guitar. You can really hear the thick mahogany tone on this Les Paul Studio faded.

108377 @ 3:51 am #

no prob man, I was just wondering what the exact diffrence was between a Studio les Paul and a Classic/standard Les Paul.

wowkidlrn2play @ 4:32 am #

Well you can bring all guitars live on a stage. Sorry for sounding like a dick.

108377 @ 5:10 am #

I wouldn´t know why ??

wowkidlrn2play @ 5:54 am #

No duh…

108377 @ 6:49 am #

the guitar can also be used for live concerts right?

Kingddd333 @ 7:36 am #


WoWintosh @ 7:45 am #

If you don’t like the guitar you can return in within 10 days no questions asked

12Radius @ 7:48 am #

I think mine is standard with vintage look.It’s a 1999.Any info.?

shaindaman13 @ 7:58 am #

They both sound equally awesome in slightly different ways. I would cherish either one.

Ferrellmusic @ 8:30 am #

True vintage.. Dat mid!!

Teachering @ 8:30 am #

You make a good argument, especially with your statement, “…aural memory is 3 sec long.”

Teachering @ 9:11 am #

Like most, I prefer the Gibson J-45 True Vintage only because of the appointments. Is there a big difference in sound quality and, might I add, wood quality of the Sitka and Adirondack Spruce? I suppose there are many who would say, yes, there is. As I listened carefully to Tony’s playing I began to think that it is only someone who has experience playing acoustic that is able to detect the clarity of the Adirondack guitar. The J-45 is a classic but you need to shop around for a good Gibson.

telecastersRthebest @ 9:28 am #

standard sound better to me because of the low-end.

crazycool1128 @ 9:31 am #

i played a true vintage. it’s incredibly hard to get tone out of it. they say its because of the stiffer red spruce top

Stephen Pate @ 10:28 am #

There are nuances between the guitars that get lost in YouTube. I’ve played both and would still pick a standard. The J45 standard has a rounder boomier sound – what you expect from a J45. The True Vintage has a more rarified sound moving away from the J45 sound. Since most people perform plugged in, the sound differences are lost immediately on amping or PA. The J45 sounds awesome with the standard pickup. In any event, buy what you like and can afford, remembering aural memory is 3 sec long.

noonster55 @ 11:12 am #

Would you could you folks do a detailed comparison between the 2012 D-18 & the 2012 Golden Era D-18 Martins please.. You guys have a great job.

Dick Gamble @ 12:04 pm #

All guitars age differently. The comparison would have been more interesting if compared to a 1950’s version of the J-45. also simple upgrades to the standard will make a difference. Sound-wise, both have that top and mid range “in your country face” kind of sound. And!!! A price comparison would have been nice. Is aged binding (artificial) somehow of more value?

Aidan Barry @ 12:48 pm #

the sound on the vintage sounds muffled

Hugo A @ 1:01 pm #

i liked the true vintage more on fingerstyle, the standard with pick

guitartower00 @ 1:41 pm #

Standard sounds warmer to me and is my personal preference. Vintage is brighter.

Max Lai @ 1:44 pm #

forse mi piace piu’ il suono della j 45 standard , e’ vero ci sono delle differenze a volte in certi accordi sembra che la vintage sia piu’ corposa , ma nello stesso tempo sento meno volume. ora non so dipende forse dall’esecutore , dal tipo di plettrata che da’? non lo so dovrei provarle io per capire , anche perche’ in agosto devo comperarmi una acustica e le scelte cadono proprio sulla j 45 o j 200 75Th anniversary natural … vedremo

Max Lai @ 1:48 pm #

Leo Kottke

tcbonline @ 2:15 pm #

standard sounds better in this video… more bass… does the adi top on the tv need to “open up”?

Carter Good @ 3:07 pm #

How about you try that one again…

PHJimY @ 3:07 pm #

I see very little difference between the sound of the two guitars.

muguele @ 3:28 pm #

I like the standard best.