Paul Brett – Collecting Vintage Acoustic Guitars


Acoustic Magazines Vintage Guitar expert, Paul Brett's DVD sample on collecting vintage acoustic guitars.Paul is rated as one of the leading 12 string guitar...
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March 15, 2013

Musicbymin @ 12:31 pm #

0:47 Why does this song remind me of the Bed Intruder song…fuck, too much Youtube.

colton young @ 12:57 pm #

i was always told that a vintage guitar makes a different sound because of the age. something with the wood ageing? there is a video on here of a true 59 les paul and a reissue and they are similar but the real 59 had a slightly sweeter sound in the video they credited it to age of the wood. i also believe it isnt a quality of sound its the type. like my 61 grestch clipper has its old hi lo tron pickup and has a sound like nothing else true an overdriven amp. cheap old guitar but sounds cool.

jackanoree @ 12:59 pm #

I’m selling my Rare Vintage Fender Electro Acoustic El Rio for £319 on Gumtree.
Search it up for details.
Good vid :)

alianstuff @ 1:22 pm #

Thanks for showing us that Looks like a great collection and i wish i could play as cool as you
do a google search for Terada kookaburra i got this for $15 at a second hand shop it had machine heads missing and they didnt have a clue about guitars,and im sure its one of there earliest
and sounds amazing and cant find any reference to this model Terada gu 3554

boxingloves21 @ 2:13 pm #

i have a 1965 eldegas,,, it was my dads… but after he pass the way he gave it to me. nice video by the way.

MattHughes96 @ 2:21 pm #

where can you buy vintage acoustic guitars in the UK?

Rikk303 @ 3:02 pm #

looks like a huge neck width wise

makemarker @ 3:09 pm #

none other than personal greed.

Paul Brett @ 3:26 pm #

So what excuse do modern makers use for the extortionate prices they charge for ‘Boutique Guitars’ which have absolutely no history?

makemarker @ 4:00 pm #

yeah, like the previous guy said, they are just things people collect if they can afford it. For playing purposes, you don’t need a vintage, most people that collect them don’t take them out of the house or hardly play them to preserve them. Luckily a good guitar is not so out of reach for today’s budget or if you are willing to eat and go out less in order to save for a good guitar 😉

Paul Brett @ 4:29 pm #

Nothing to do with play wear or being well made. They represent a different age. Different woods, bracing, music. It’s virtually impossibly to re-create these in modern terms. They produce a different sound too.

nunchaku1992 @ 4:57 pm #

I have a question. Are the vintage guitars good because they have been played a lot or they are just very well made?

spickspack @ 4:58 pm #

What chords do play (if you don’t mind me asking) am sure it is basic chords with intricate picking but would like the chords to get me started. Love that ragtime style !!

Paul Brett @ 5:01 pm #

It’s just one of my little tunes. Hasn’t got a name. Just a ragtime pick in G I used on the vid. Paul

spickspack @ 5:03 pm #

What is the last tune you play (when the credits come up) great little tune, is that also one of yours? Great guitar sound and playing btw !!

Paul Brett @ 5:03 pm #

It called The Compleat Angler from my CD of the same name. Tabs are only available in the full tab book of the same name.

Pooony22 @ 5:19 pm #

What’s the name of the first song? Or rather are there any tabs for it?

tyler hurd @ 5:57 pm #

i have an old classical from the 70s tried to research it but nothing came up its a felidure or something like that

noahbgood @ 5:59 pm #

quick ?,, I have a 1957 framez (italian) Jazz serie sport,, just curious about the history and of course, if it’s worth anything

s0mevids @ 6:07 pm #

your cool.

Paul Brett @ 6:41 pm #

Made by Yusuma in Japan. Google the Harmony Central site and enter BM cavalier in the search box. It should direct you to a user review.

jomilnerguitars @ 7:11 pm #

Hello there, i wondered if you could help me please. i have an acoustic guitar, in the soundhole is a label with BM Cavalier? It has sticker on headstock with made in japan? I cannot find anything on this guitar would you have any idea? please help me!. love jo xx

Paul Brett @ 7:54 pm #

It’s a tune of mine called The Compleat Angler, it features on doble neck in my new CD Songs from the Compleat Angler.