Vintage Guitar Blind Test.01


Vintage Guitar VS Gibson VS Fender 01. Vintage V100 AFD VS Gibson Les Paul Standard 02. Vintage V6 SSB VS Fender American Standard.
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Playing "Blues to Jazz" solo guitar with 1967 Vintage Gibson ES335 & 1965 Fender Pro Reverb with Eminence speaker (Texas Heat , Red white & blues) Hope you e...


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March 24, 2013

Craig07L @ 4:35 pm #

He posted the answer here> watch?v=9jEwi3sbbe4

I couldn’t tell the difference tbh. I think I’ll buy one!

DEMcurseddolls @ 5:22 pm #

shit really?! that’s ridiculous! shit the bed, that vintage is good XP

Craig07L @ 5:48 pm #

You were wrong! :-D

DEMcurseddolls @ 5:55 pm #

i can instantly tell the 2nd one is the gibbo. its just thicker and more harmonically rich.

TheImsweet75 @ 6:12 pm #

Томо, твой канал – находка для меня. Молодец! :)

TomoFujitaMusic @ 6:12 pm #

Thanks everyone!


Austin Doran @ 6:24 pm #

This is wonderful. Your playing is so clear and well thought out. I will be studying your playing until I learn all that I can :).

ely jaffe @ 6:32 pm #

Why are you so good!! (Because you practice?) DO you give lessons online, skype?

CTABPOGIN @ 7:27 pm #


CTABPOGIN @ 8:08 pm #

oh a tab for this would help a lot!

pickandstring @ 8:47 pm #

Great playing as always man!

gustavosued @ 9:14 pm #

Really good and inspiring playing Tomo! Tks for posting

TomoFujitaMusic @ 10:07 pm #

Very good. There is the clock (Berklee) next to my iPhone. I can hear it too. 60!

roknfnrol @ 11:07 pm #

I hear a clock or metronome :)

Tim Chauvin @ 11:44 pm #

Lovely..,thanks for sharing…Great licks…awesome feeling…

69fatninja @ 11:55 pm #

Great playing as usual, Tomo! any chance you will come to Singapore in the near future?

March 25, 2013

ej1692 @ 12:07 am #

Master Tomo, why do you prefer D’pergo strats over Fender strats?

litdemon @ 12:07 am #

Tomo-sama… compin’, groovin’ and blues’in it! Beautiful and expressive :-)

TomoFujitaMusic @ 12:59 am #

I mix blues, jazz & funk so I prefer strats than ES335.. D’Pergo strat is amazing! 

Cristian Camilo Torres Castaño @ 1:19 am #

When you are playing jazz, what guitar do you prefer, this Gibson, or a D’pergo Strat?

Hasyir Ibrahim @ 1:47 am #

I’m a jazz noob. What scale was that for the jazz part.

Only1Guitar @ 1:53 am #

Tasty licks!

GargesFriend @ 2:16 am #

Outstanding, as always! Maestro Tomo, you are a constant source of inspiration and a school of taste. Thank you.

ekaplan200 @ 3:12 am #

Very nice as always, Tomo. I thought though you have recently switched to using those very pricey Two Rock amplifiers?